Shiho Brenner

Kimono Culture Research Institute Certified Kimono Dressing Consultant

Hello, I am Shiho Brenner, a Kimono Culture Research Institute certified kimono dressing consultant. My journey into the world of kimonos began at a very young age when, at the tender age of 4, I had the privilege of wearing a beautiful yukata (summer kimono) to my preschool. My love for kimonos was instant, and I refused to take it off, a testament to the early roots of my passion.

Several decades later, my fascination with kimonos was rekindled. I became an active member of the Los Angeles Kimono Club, immersing myself in the world of kimono culture. I embarked on a journey of learning, taking kimono dressing classes and attending numerous kimono runway shows, often with my husband and two daughters by my side.

Today, I proudly belong to the prestigious Kimono Culture Research Institute, a distinguished group of academics dedicated to the study of kimono history, materials, and the various occasions and etiquette associated with these exquisite garments. My commitment to preserving and sharing the deep cultural significance of kimonos is at the heart of my work as a kimono dressing consultant. It's a pleasure to share this journey with you and assist you in embracing the elegance and beauty of kimono culture.

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